Soft Tissue Injury

Animal: Dog
Breed: Parsons Jack Russell

Pet Symptoms: Hi My 4 month old puppy (parson jack russell) bolted off the other day and ran extremely quick. Once we got him back we noticed he started limping in his back left leg. He is still eating and drinking, he lets you touch it and move it without snapping. He doesn’t mess with it and he’s still playing and climbing the stairs as usual. I believe that he’s pulled a muscle. We are away til Friday and wondered if you could put my mind at ease on what to do with him.

Our Advice: It is probably just a soft tissue injury and I would normally recommend 24 hours rest. It look like it has been 2 days since Charlie injured himself so he will possibly need to be check at the vets and have some pain killers. Do not give him any human pain killers they are usually toxic for dogs.