Severe Diarrhea from Dogs

Animal: Dog
Breed: Labrador

Pet Symptoms: My 3yr old (very excitable) lab retriever had terrible diarrhea a few days ago, that seems to have cleared up now. But today whilst out on the lead he went very wobbly for a minute as if he had not control over his legs. And tonight he was having some sort of muscle spasms whilst lying down but fully awake and aware (if albeit a little confused. He occasionally gets hiccups but these were definitely not the same. Are all these things related and should I be worried? I’m pretty sure he hasn’t eaten anything poisonous but he is a lab so you never really know for definite.

Our Advice: Unfortunately based on the this symptoms I can not make diagnosis without examination. It is possible that Woody is eaten something toxic but than usually dogs are vomiting as well. Is he been in contact with grass/plants sprayed with slug poison? I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment. They will check him over and probably run blood test.