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  • Cystitis

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tortoise Shell Pet Symptoms: Normally very active and hungry, this morning cannot seem to go to the loo, is going in and out of litter tray doing nothing, washing her behind, mooching constantly looking for somewhere to … Continue reading

  • Cats Territorial Mark

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby Pet Symptoms: My cat keeps attacking the neighbours cat since they moved in 6 months ago. I am guessing its a territorial thing but my neighbours isn’t happy about this. She has hinted that we offer … Continue reading

  • Excessive Breathing

    Animal: Cat Breed: Maine Coon Pet Symptoms: Hi, we are really looking to find out any reason the cat is breathing faster than normal. We need actually help, because we think the clinics we visited so far, they missed something. … Continue reading

  • Infection on lymph nodes

    Animal: Dog Breed: Boxer Pet Symptoms: My dog is currently on antibiotics that have to be taken with food, but ever since we started putting them in his food, hes stopped eating and drinking to fill himself up, which in … Continue reading

  • Dog’s Excessive Thirst

    Animal: Dog Breed: Cocker Spaniel Pet Symptoms: My dog is on steroids so is ultra thirsty which I know is a normal side effect. He has always drank from my pond, never tap water since I got him 9 years … Continue reading

  • Dog Shaking

    Animal: Dog Breed: Jack Russell Pet Symptoms: Our Jack Russell has what we think may be Colic because he has had it before. He is feeling generally sorry for himself and not wanting to do anything although has been out … Continue reading

  • Cat Vaccines

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: I recently returned from Cephalonia (GREECE) and want to adopt a cat. The cat has been living on the streets but is extremely friendly and deserves a good home. We have placed the cat in … Continue reading

  • Lethargy

    Animal: Dog Breed: Lurcher Pet Symptoms: My Greyhound x (Lurcher) 2k kg has today swallowed a wooden ice lolly stick whole. I told him to drop it he gulped it down, this was 6 hours ago. He is fine in … Continue reading

  • Swollen Lymph

    Animal: Dog Breed: Dalmatian Pet Symptoms: My 14 year old dalmatian has bad arthritis and in the past few days has become quite poorly – she has been to the vets who have prescribed oral inflacam (1.5 mg) – she … Continue reading

  • Eating Grapes

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labrador Pet Symptoms: I have a 12 week old lab and he eat 2 grapes yesterday. I didn’t realize they were bad or I would have reacted yesterday. In himself he is fine but he has a … Continue reading

  • Renal Failure

    Animal: Dog Breed: Bichon Pet Symptoms: My dog has just been diagnosed with kidney failure. she is 7 and has never been ill until this week. the vets are flushing her system but think her creatinine is very high and … Continue reading

  • Gastric Ulcer

    Animal: Dog Breed: Patterdale Terrier Pet Symptoms: I took my patterdale terrier to the vets because his poo was black, the vet ran some bloods and all his organs are fine, his white blood cells are high and so are … Continue reading

  • Dog Cancer

    Animal: Dog Breed: Staffy Pet Symptoms: He has cancer & his breathing is very laboured although he still wants walks & is eating o.k. He hates the vet & I don’t want to take him for a vaccination. I would … Continue reading

  • Apathetic Hyperthyroidism

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: My 12 year old female cat, Misty, has Apathetic Hyperthyroidism, she had the left thyroid gland removed in early May, the day of the surgery we noticed a lump starting in the right side as … Continue reading

  • Restless and Agitated

    Animal: Dog Breed: Cairn Terrier Pet Symptoms: Why does my dog jump up suddenly and dash around? He also flicks his ears a lot. Our Advice: It is very difficult to tell what is the problem based on this symptoms. … Continue reading

  • Limping

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labour Cross Pet Symptoms: He started limping yesterday on front left leg checked him over keeper him quiet then this morning found a lump size of golf ball in between his front legs but slightly too the … Continue reading

  • Inflammation/Redness

    Animal: Dog Breed: Lhasa Apso Pet Symptoms: My Lhasa apso has developed a black rash like area in his groin and lower tummy. It doesn’t seem to be bothering him. We picked him up from kennels a week ago but … Continue reading

  • Choosing Dog Companion

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mongrel Pet Symptoms: I recently lost my west highland terrier. I also have an 8 year old mongrel who was definitely top dog. I would like to get him a new companion. Would he be more accepting … Continue reading

  • Squalous Cell Carinoma

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: My 14 yr old moggy was diagnosed with squalous cell carinoma-lump under lower right jaw- about 5 weeks ago. Told little we can do but ensure quality of life. Although he sleeps all the time … Continue reading

  • Aggressive Behaviour

    Animal: Dog Breed: Siberian Husky Pet Symptoms: She has started “nipping” people not proper biting but she has done it to people she knows. Our Advice: If Mya was not aggressive before it is very strange that she is showing … Continue reading