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  • Diarrhea in Rabbits

    Animal: Rabbit Breed: Lop Dwarf Pet Symptoms: Red mucus jelly like substance stuck in clumps of hay around the cage, and coming from rabbits bottom. Our Advice: I would advise seeing a vet. This could be coming from the bowel … Continue reading

  • Health concerns for feeding puppies

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pug Pet Symptoms: My sisters pug honey is 14 months old and just given birth to a litter of 9 pups on Thursday, one was dead, one died coming out, one died of a cleft pallete yesterday. … Continue reading

  • Skin and food allergies

    Animal: Cat Breed: Feral Pet Symptoms: Skin and food allergies but greatly improved now. Problem is front right leg. Straight and stiff out in front of him especially when getting up from sleeping. Can’t bend it often. Improves once moving … Continue reading

  • Termination of Mating

    Animal: Dog Breed: German Shepherd Pet Symptoms: My parents have rescued a GSD bitch, when she was on heat in May she mated with another dog, the vet gave her 2 injections of Alizone. She was due to be spayed … Continue reading

  • Cat Spasms

    Animal: Cat Breed: Bobtail Pet Symptoms: We accidentally applied Dog 66lbs ^ flea and tick (Sentry) to our kitten. He is now having spasms and has loss balance in the back legs. I have given water, washed him with dawn, … Continue reading

  • Anti-Parasite Treatment

    Animal: Cat Breed: Short hair Pet Symptoms: Seems to be behaving normally, washing the area more than usual, but i suppose that is expected. The area does not seem to be inflamed and the areas that are reddish, are raised … Continue reading

  • Persistent Vomiting

    Animal: Dog Breed: West highland terrier Pet Symptoms: Hi my dog has been sick for 2 days , today he has been the worst. He keeps drinking lots and lots of water and en keeps being sick. He also keeps … Continue reading

  • Ruptured Cornea

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby Pet Symptoms: I rescued a stray cat that had a ruptured cornea. 48 hours after enucleation, the site started streaming blood and sanguinous liquid (by streaming, I mean rapidly dripping). The vet said it would slow … Continue reading

  • Kidney malfunction on cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: My female cat has been put on semi tar for her kidneys and has also at the same time been given 15mg of vidalta This is day 2. I’m worried about the vidalta tablet as … Continue reading

  • Soft Tissue Injury

    Animal: Dog Breed: Parsons Jack Russell Pet Symptoms: Hi My 4 month old puppy (parson jack russell) bolted off the other day and ran extremely quick. Once we got him back we noticed he started limping in his back left … Continue reading

  • Flea Dermatitis on Cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Mongrel Pet Symptoms: My daughters cat has what we assumed were abrasions to her head from fighting (she is known for fighting!!) She was taken to the vets and checked over. There was no infection but she … Continue reading

  • Dealing with External Parasites

    Animal: Dog Breed: St. Bernard Pet Symptoms: Lately I have noticed she is still losing a lot of hair, I know they lose hair but this has been going on for nearly 5 weeks she has a bald patch on … Continue reading

  • Cat Allergies

    Animal: Cat Breed: Mog Pet Symptoms: Hi I’m having terrible trouble with my cat belle, she’s scratching all the time and pulling her fur out she has loads of scabs on her back and under her belly, chin and lumps … Continue reading

  • Severe Diarrhea from Dogs

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labrador Pet Symptoms: My 3yr old (very excitable) lab retriever had terrible diarrhea a few days ago, that seems to have cleared up now. But today whilst out on the lead he went very wobbly for a … Continue reading

  • Dog Arthritis

    Animal: Dog Breed: Border Collie Pet Symptoms: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a 9 year old Tri-colour border collie that is having problems with his right back leg. Ever since he was attacked by … Continue reading

  • Dog Diarrhea

    Animal: Dog Breed: German Shepherd Pet Symptoms: His protein levels were low but wouldn’t this be the case in a dog that had sickness and diarrhea and very little food in the last week. Any advise you could offer would … Continue reading

  • Effects of Dog Sedation

    Animal: Dog Breed: Japanese akita Pet Symptoms: He was sedated by the bet for blood tests at 11.15 today they gave him something to bring him round at 12.15 since then he has become a little bit more alert but … Continue reading

  • Cats Renal Failure

    Animal: Cat Breed: Siamese Seal Point Pet Symptoms: Hi our Siamese cat is getting on a bit he is 18 seal point, always been a thin cat, but he is really thin now and not eating food he used to … Continue reading

  • Cats diarrhoea

    Animal: Cat Breed: British shorthair Pet Symptoms: We have two kittens, a female who’s 16 weeks and a male who’s 15 weeks. The male (who is also very small for his breed) had a bloated abdomen when we got him … Continue reading

  • Dog Lumps

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labrador Pet Symptoms: Hammett has had a lump on the right side of his ribcage for 2-3 months which appeared quite suddenly. We had this tested at our local vet. AFter a few attempts with a needle, … Continue reading