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  • Dog Skin Diseases

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pitbull Terrier Pet Symptoms: My dog, Rex, is a male neutered Pitbull Terrier, whom is 1 years old. I have noticed in the past month an half his skin is extremely sensitive, he sometimes will get little … Continue reading

  • Dog’s Heart Problems

    Animal: Dog Breed: Boxer Pet Symptoms: Random collapsing spells, just falling over with a blank stare. Our Advice: The information provided is fairly limited. With current severe infection I would make sure this is treated and cleared with a negative … Continue reading

  • Lethargic, Not Eating Properly

    Animal: Dog Breed: Siberian Husky Pet Symptoms: My mother in laws husky is quite lethargic, not eating properly, not walking right and sleeping a lot also when her both of sides towards back legs are touched she snaps to bite … Continue reading

  • Bad Skin Irritation

    Animal: Cat Breed: Moggy Pet Symptoms: Bald belly and other areas Fur in a bad state as is his skin His input and output is good. Our Advice: I think unfortunately he needs to see a vet, as even if … Continue reading

  • Foot Lumps

    Animal: Dog Breed: Bull terrier Pet Symptoms: My bull terrier has a small lump on her back foot.. started very small but has got bigger last few days.. it seems to be itching as she is licking it a lot.. … Continue reading

  • Stressed Kittens

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby Pet Symptoms: She is eating as normal and displaying no signs of ill health or problems. Our Advice: It sound like Kitten is very stressed for some reason. It could be another cat that is fighting … Continue reading

  • Vomiting and Gagging

    Animal: Cat Breed: Black short haired Pet Symptoms: Cat started gagging & dry heaving today. He’s vomited small amounts of clear/white liquid. The liquid and his breath smell like feces. He is about 2 1/2 years old. Our Advice: The … Continue reading

  • Eye Redness Swelling

    Animal: Dog Breed: Yorkie Pet Symptoms: I noticed yesterday that my dog’s eye wasn’t fully open but I thought she might have just had something in it, then later on I started noticing some redness, today I noticed a giant … Continue reading

  • Best for Vaccination

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labradoodle Pet Symptoms: We would like to know what is best for Vaccination? He has been given his first vaccine using “Vangaurd” and that was given to him at 7 weeks by the breeders vet. We have … Continue reading

  • Cystitis in cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby Pet Symptoms: My cat is acting normally, very lively and does not appear to be in pain but is straining when she goes to pass urine and/or stools but nothing happens. She has been like this … Continue reading

  • Abscess in Cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: My cat had a lump under the skin on her upper nose sinus area, this appeared to burst open and first clear jelly and now pus is coming out. She appears happier now this has … Continue reading

  • Lip Inflammation

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: My cat has a pink lump on the top of her bottom lip. It’s been there for a couple of weeks and has recently gotten bigger. However there doesn’t seem to be any pain. Our … Continue reading

  • Unusual Cat Behaviour

    Animal: Cat Breed: Pet Symptoms: We adopted our cat as a kitten from a family who were clearly not looking after him. After a while we realized he was totally deaf (he is white and ginger). At this time he … Continue reading

  • Diarrhoea

    Animal: Dog Breed: Staffy Pet Symptoms: Woke up this morning to find are dog had bad case diarrhoea and now he can’t walk on his rear left leg. Our Advice: I wouldn’t think the 2 problems are related, and if … Continue reading

  • Puppy Diarrhea

    Animal: Dog Breed: Border Collie Pet Symptoms: Puppy with constant runny poos – Reintroducing dry puppy food to light meal after diahrea , which pro kolin and light meals resolved and his poos have gone sloppy again , would I … Continue reading

  • Dog Vomiting

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pomeranian Pet Symptoms: My 2 year old Pomeranian has been vomiting water since yesterday, he is eating and drinking and his bowels are moving but he does seem unwell. When he is sick it’s just water not … Continue reading

  • Irregular Breathing

    Animal: Dog Breed: American bulldog Pet Symptoms: I have a female american bulldog that’s about 12yrs old, yesterday she started irregular breathing, she started by breathing fast then it slowed right down to around 20 deep breaths per minute, will … Continue reading

  • Chronic Kidney Failure on cats

    Animal: Cat Breed: Non pedigree Pet Symptoms: Rocky has CKD which was diagnosed last week. He has received treatment (stated below) but is still unwell i.e. reduced appetite and thirst, some discomfort, high temperature, apathy and lethargy. I need a … Continue reading

  • Neurological problem on dogs

    Animal: Dog Breed: Border Terrier Pet Symptoms: Our Border Terrier keeps having periods where he stands still and lifts each of his paws in turn as if walking in slow motion but doesn’t go anywhere. Before he does it he … Continue reading

  • Dogs eating food with onions

    Animal: Dog Breed: Greyhound Pet Symptoms: 30 minutes ago my dog accidentally ate a small cumberland cocktail sausage which has got mustard power, onion plus spices in. She doesn’t have any symptoms yet but my understanding is that onion is … Continue reading