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  • Stress

    Animal: Dog Breed: Golden retriever Pet Symptoms: Stress Our Advice: You can complain to the council about the noise. Regarding the stress you can try Zylkene capsules and Adaptil stress collar. If this does not help your vet can prescribe … Continue reading

  • Pancreatitis

    Animal: Dog Breed: Crossbreed Pet Symptoms: My 12 year old crossbreed dog presented with symptoms of rumbling stomach and looking generally unwell, periodically, usually in the evenings. She was not actually vomiting but you could tell from her demeanour that … Continue reading

  • 6. Disoriented and Head is Wobbly

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pomarinum Pet Symptoms: My dog is disoriented and head is wobbly. She was fine earlier what could be wrong with her. She was fine running around playing then all of a sudden looked scared and was disoriented … Continue reading

  • Dribbling and Constant Licking of Lips

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pug cross Jackrussel Pet Symptoms: Hi my 9 yr old dog started licking her lips constantly and dribbling this evening and is very unsettled why could this be? Our Advice: Dribbling could be sign for bad teeth … Continue reading

  • Depression

    Animal: Cat Breed: Cyprus Pet Symptoms: I adopted a four month old kitten, a week ago, and she came from a very bad home, she has the sympotoms of depression. She sleeps all day the only time she gets up … Continue reading

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    Animal: Dog Breed: Collie cross/German Shepherd Pet Symptoms: My dog is a cross collie German Shepherd. She is at least 15 years old and has been diagnosed with DM. I have for the first time been using the PDSA service … Continue reading

  • Best Diet for Cockatiels

    Animal: Bird Breed: Cockatiel Pet Symptoms: I have two birds.they are cockatiels. I did take them to the vets but I have a qusetion that I forgot to ask my vet. It’s about the diet for them. What is the … Continue reading

  • Behavioral Change

    Animal: Cat Breed: n/a Pet Symptoms: My cat used to be an outdoor pet when I lived with my parents, 3 months ago I moved above a pub(in the manager) and now I can’t let my cat out to roam … Continue reading

  • Stage 3 of FIV

    Animal: Cat Breed: Domestic shorthair Pet Symptoms: A cat I work with at a volunteer shelter, Gray (domestic shorthair), is in stage 3 of FIV. I can’t find any useful protocols out there on the web. any truly positive experiences … Continue reading

  • Reaction to anesthetic

    From: Emma with dog Doug Breed: Springer Pet Symptoms: We have two dogs, lab x springer (bitch) and a springer (dog). Last summer the lab x had an allergic reaction to anaethesia and took 10 minutes to bring back round. … Continue reading

  • New cat questions

    From: Karolina with cat Bella Breed: Domestic Pet Symptoms: Hi, have a question about having two cats at home… I am planing to get another cat, kitten around 8-9 weeks old. At the moment I have 7 month female, she … Continue reading

  • Cat coexisting with us and nothing more

    From: Julianna with cat Breed: Unsure, Possibly a Bombay cat Pet Symptoms: I was wondering if you might be able to give any advice concerning a rescue cat. Last April my sister and I rescued a male cat. So we … Continue reading

  • Sexual maturity

    From: Kay with dog Breed: Chihuahua Pet Symptoms: My 1 yr old chihuahua wont stop trying to mount my pregnant cat its only started today all hes doing is crying for her constantly? Our Advice: I would advise you to … Continue reading

  • Dermatitis due to skin allergies

    From: Arlene with dog Skippy Breed: Pom/Schitzu Pet Symptoms: My 9yr. Old Pomeranian/Schitzu dog has a red boil between his toes. It’s tender to the touch and about the size of a small grape. I’ve been watching it for a … Continue reading

  • Matting in long haired cat

    From: Emma with cat Teagan Breed: Domestic longhair Pet Symptoms: My cats is a long haired cat who hates being brushed, when i try to brush him he attacks me really badly, therefore I can’t groom him, it has caused … Continue reading

  • Allergic Dermatitis

    From: Jackie with cat Misty Breed: Domestic shorthair Pet Symptoms: My cat has gone bald on her tummy and bottom end of her tail what do i do? Tried: Bathed her skin with warm water Our Advice: It does sound … Continue reading

  • Urinating around the house

    From: Kevin with cat Mr. Wu Breed: Unknown. Looks part Siamese. Pet Symptoms: We have taken in a stray male cat. He is ”Complete”. We have four other cats, all strays. Our new arrival seems settled, happy and is friendly. … Continue reading

  • Weight loss and excessive drinking

    From: Katie with cat Grace Breed: Domestic Shorthair Pet Symptoms: My 18 month old female cat seems to have lost a fair bit of weigh, its morenoticeable around her back legs. She has touched her meat at all today and … Continue reading

  • Mites

    From: Laci with dog Laci Joy Breed: Rescue unknown (small terrier breed) Pet Symptoms: Happy New Year! My 8 month old spayed puppy has developed scabs on the inside tips of her flappy ears. The scabs heal, get smaller and … Continue reading

  • Vestibular disease

    From: Margaret with dog Sky Breed: Chow Chow Pet Symptoms: Hi, my friend has an 8 yr old female chow chow , she has noticed that it has been sitting down and like going round in circles on its back … Continue reading