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  • Vomiting Gastric Contents

    Animal: Cat Breed: Shorthair Pet Symptoms: Cat that, heretofore, ate everything proper for a cat, canned and dry food, without changing diet in any way, started vomiting, not daily, and not after eating, not hairballs,but spewing out the entire gastric … Continue reading

  • Swollen and Hard Tummy

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not indicated Pet Symptoms: One of my kittens , which I estimate to be 5-7 days old , refuses to eat and has a swallen abdomen. I found them 3 days ago in good condition. I have … Continue reading

  • Fur Balls and Cat Fleas

    Animal: Cat Breed: Tabby and unknown Pet Symptoms: For some reason maybe 1-3 time’s a day (varies) my male 3 year old cat dry-heaves like he is going to cough up a furr ball but nothing ever come’s out. Should … Continue reading

  • Dog Mites and Breeding

    Animal: Dog Breed: Aussie bulldog Pet Symptoms: Hi my dog had mites at the age of 8 months old he was treated for it by injections once a week for the period of 6 weeks it was only the size … Continue reading

  • Diabetes and Urinating on Cushion whilst Asleep

    Animal: Cat Breed: British shorthair Pet Symptoms: My cat was diagnosed with diabetes last week. The vet has prescribed 2 units of caninsulin once a day we are going for a check up on Thursday. I gave it for the … Continue reading

  • Newborn Kittens

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not indicated Pet Symptoms:  Hi, my cat has given birth to two lovely kittens in the past couple of hours. She has washed them and I have seen them suckling. But she has left them for about … Continue reading

  • Vomiting

    Animal: Dog Breed: Bedlington Whippet Pet Symptoms: Hi, My dog keeps being sick, specifically after eating a lot of grass or drnking a lot of water. We have tried changing foods numerous times but this keeps happening is there anything … Continue reading

  • Broken Dew Claw

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pit/boston terrier mix Pet Symptoms: What do I for my dogs hurt dew claw. It’s twisted and bent? It’s been like this for three days maybe four. She is less active then usual that’s how I know … Continue reading

  • Lethargic Chicken

    Animal: Chicken Breed: White chicken Pet Symptoms: One of our chickens is quite lethargic and has lost her “get up and go” she just sits around all day, and does not want to go out of the cage – the … Continue reading

  • No Appetite, Throwing up and Barely Using the Litter

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not indicated Pet Symptoms: My cat is usually a good eater but lately he has no appetite. he has been throwing up and barely using the litter box. he seems to not be able to get comfortable, … Continue reading

  • Cat Flu

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not indicated Pet Symptoms: Hi Our cat has been suffering from a ‘cold’ for a few weeks but generally ok.In the last day or so he seems much worse. Blocked(difficulty breathing properly) and runny nose and eyes … Continue reading

  • Bleeding

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mountain dog Pet Symptoms:  My aunt has a 5 year old male mountain dog who is now presenting with bleeding when going to the toilet which is just pure blood. this is not mixed in with any … Continue reading

  • Allergic Reaction

    Animal: Dog Breed: STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER Pet Symptoms: Tala was sick am today a small amount of yellow bile, up till then she was fine.She started to make wierd noises and appeared stressed.She has recovered from all this but lumpy … Continue reading

  • Lehargic Bearded Dragon

    Animal: Pogona Breed: Bearded dragon Pet Symptoms: Hi I’ve recently bought a baby bearded dragon. When I bought him home he ate etc perfectly normal an all was going well. He started shedding over the weekend an slightly went off … Continue reading

  • Weight Loss and other Health Issues

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mixed Pet Symptoms: My mum lives in Tanzania and does not have access to a good vet. I hope you can help. She has a very mixed breed dog that has had a number of health issues. … Continue reading

  • Recommended dosage for Mebendazole and Albendazole

    Animal: Dog Breed: Pomeranian Pet Symptoms:  I live in Uganda and have recently imported my pomeranian from England. My little boy is 4.8kg! I used to de worm him with Milbemax in the UK but thats not available here in … Continue reading

  • Granddaughter won’t leave her new Puppy

    Animal: Dog Breed: Cocker spaniel Pet Symptoms: My granddaughter will not leave her new puppy for a minute peace my daughter is pulling her hair out Our Advice: If your grand daughter is gentle with Bobby it is ok for … Continue reading

  • Pain in Back Left Leg

    Animal: Dog Breed: Lab mix (possibly with a beagle or fox hound) Pet Symptoms: I am concerned about my dogs back left leg. Just recently he randomly will start crying in pain (so loud) and lift his back left leg … Continue reading

  • Labrador Acting Strange

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labrador Pet Symptoms: I have a 13 year old Labrador. For past four nights has be acting strange. He has been fine all day. But in the evening has been unable to settle. He has been panting … Continue reading

  • Vomiting

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labrador Pet Symptoms: What can I give my 6 month old Lab for stomach upset? She threw up her food yesterday , and today threw up clear phlegm. She is walking around, but acting weak and not … Continue reading