Kidney malfunction on cats

Animal: Cat

Pet Symptoms: My female cat has been put on semi tar for her kidneys and has also at the same time been given 15mg of vidalta This is day 2. I’m worried about the vidalta tablet as I have noticed today all she has done is sleep. She is not herself today and I’m starting to think that the vidalta tablet may be making her like this. Worried that the tablet is making her sleep most of the day and evening should I stop the tablet or carry on . I’m so worried.

Our Advice: If she is on medication for the kidneys (I assume it’s Semintra?) and thyroid (vidalta), there is the possibility of medications making individual animals tired or lethargic in some cases. It would depend a little on how significant the blood results were when she was diagnosed.

If you feel she isn’t doing so well on the medications it may be best to see your vet to discuss the options, rather than suddenly withdrawing one of the medications. It may be worth having her examined again as well – sometimes lethargy could be a new symptom, rather than related to the medications.