Flea Dermatitis on Cats

Animal: Cat
Breed: Mongrel

Pet Symptoms: My daughters cat has what we assumed were abrasions to her head from fighting (she is known for fighting!!) She was taken to the vets and checked over. There was no infection but she was given an injection and a course of medicine to be taken orally (the vet didn’t want to give her ointment that she could get onto her paw and then ingest. These wounds haven’t healed properly. She has been wearing a cone collar to stop her scratching but as soon as this is removed she opens up the wounds again. I have checked her for fleas but she is as far as we can tell clear (she has always been regularly dosed for fleas).

Our Advice: If the skin look red with scabs this could be stress related dermatitis or flea dermatitis. I would advise you to apply flea treatment even if you can not find fleas and treat the house with flea spray just in case (the fleas do not lay their eggs on the animals they do that in the environment ). Preferably use something that is veterinary prescription only Advocate for Phoebe and Indorexx for the house. Zylkene is very good product for stress related dermatitis 75 mg once per day is the dose for cats and it is not a prescription so you can buy it online or from your vet over the counter. Good product for stress is Feliway diffuser as well. It will be better if you use both products. If this does not help there are allergy tests available to determine if Phoebe has any allergies. Sometime skin problems are related to other underline diseases in the body (kidney problems liver problems diabetes viral diseases).