Cats diarrhoea

Animal: Cat
Breed: British shorthair

Pet Symptoms: We have two kittens, a female who’s 16 weeks and a male who’s 15 weeks. The male (who is also very small for his breed) had a bloated abdomen when we got him and was treated for worms, a week later he had violent diarrhoea (2 weeks ago). We went back to the vet and both cats were treated with panacur as he was suspected to have a tapeworm. Neither cats are acting ill, however, now the female cat has the diarrhoea. They look equivalent. Vets have told us to give them pro-kolin till their stools harden up and then do a stool test (actually we requested). The diarrhoea is not too watery, more like the consistency of mouse or thick cream. It’s light brown and looks like it has a very fine white grain in it. I presume it is not a worm that panacur would get rid of and possibly coccidiosis (but that is a hunch based on the fact she started getting diarrhoea 2 weeks after his). It should be noted that the week before we got him the breeder noticed that one of the kittens had diarrhoea but did not know which one (again 2 weeks before he started getting it). Also, one of the cats vomited a couple of days ago but we do not know which one. I have attached a photo of her diarrhoea in a plastic bag to show the graininess as I suspect that may be a clue to what it is?

Our Advice: I would recommend you to collect 3 day faecal sample for analysis. The sample should be send for bacterial culture & microscopy Giardia and Panleucopenia. Till you have the results I would advise to feed the kittens boiled chicken breasts with rice instead of kitten food or RC sensitivity control or Hills feline I/d and to continue with the pro kolin.