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Animal: Dog Breed: Jack Russel Pet Symptoms: My Jack Russell is 17 yrs old. She walks in tight circles over and over till I pick her up. Our Advice: This could be a sign for very bad ear infection vestibular … Continue reading

What are Antihistamines? Antihistamines are prescribed to pets to prevent itching or to manage cats that over groom or scratch themselves. Antihistamines can also be useful to treat respiratory conditions or to sedate prior to car travel. I have heard … Continue reading

Anti-freeze is a widely used solution made with Ethylene Glycol. Although poisonous, many cats and dogs find the taste of anti-freeze very attractive, however even if a small amount of anti-freeze is consumed it can result in acute kidney failure … Continue reading

What are Antiepileptics? Antiepileptics are a group of medicines used to help control epileptic seizures in dogs and cats. However, please note that these medicines do not respond to convulsive non-epileptic seizures. I have heard that this drug can have … Continue reading