Cat Spasms

Animal: Cat
Breed: Bobtail

Pet Symptoms: We accidentally applied Dog 66lbs ^ flea and tick (Sentry) to our kitten. He is now having spasms and has loss balance in the back legs. I have given water, washed him with dawn, and he is confined to a small area wrapped in a towel with minimum movement. His vitals are fine (slightly elevated temp) otherwise heart rate is normal and he is much more relaxed and willing to drink water or meow when called. Is there anything else I can do at this time?

Our Advice: It depends on the active ingredient in the product, but if the amount is as you state, I would think it’s best to take him to a vets for monitoring and possibly treatment. Some of the products can be safe at 10-20 x the dose, but others can be very dangerous. I’m not sure what country you are based in – but if the product contains permethrins or organophosphate – prompt treatment and monitoring is essential.