Yellow lumps

From Andrew with cat Mollie

Pet Symptoms:

About a week ago i notice some bizarre yellow lumps that looked like fungus (possibly with black dots in the middle of them on what I would call my cat’s bottom lower lip, on the outside) Then a few days ago the lumps seemed to be hanging off with pink healthy skin underneath, they have now thankfully disappeared. But I am still confused as to what they were and what could of caused it.

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. Based on your description I would be suspicious of a bacterial skin infection, or possibly a sting or bite from an insect. We can also see symptoms of skin allergy on this part of the body, although if Mollie has no history of skin problems and the rest of her skin seems normal this is less likely.

If the condition recurs I would recommend you make an appointment for Mollie to be checked over by your local vet.

I hope this information helps.