Wet or dry food for kittens?

From Kaylrigh with cats Lilly and Belle
Breed: Torti shell

Pet Symptoms:

Hi, I would just like to ask about what to feed my kittens. I have been leaving dry food out all day and wet food in the morning. My friend and my mum have said I don’t need to give wet food and that they never have for their cats is this ok??? I feel bad as they are now use to meat. Also one of my cats has a lump on her tail I assume this is from play fighting??


Wet food in the morning, dry food all day

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. Unless you pets have medical problems requiring a specific diet, it’s really down to personal preference whether you feed wet or dry food, or a mixture of both. Many people find dry food more convenient. Your kittens should currently be on a diet specifically for kittens. They are coming up to the age where they can be neutered – once neutered cats’ dietary requirements do change and it may be beneficial to feed them a food designed specially for neutered cats (your vet can advise you on this). With any change in diet it is important to introduce the new food gradually to avoid an upset tummy.

I hope this information helps.