Best Way to Lower Weight or to Prevent Boredom to Stop the Whining

Animal: Dog
Breed: Border Collie

Pet Symptoms: Hi, I’m 20 and hoping to study veterinary medicine after completing my bioveterinary science degree. I currently dog sit for two border collies whilst their owner is on holiday. There owner is a teacher, so out of the house for long periods of the day. They are walked twice a day (off lead)I believe for about an hour. Both dogs are very overweight. They are not over fed (about 1 1/2 small scoops of dry food per day each, occasionally given treats). They used to play with a ball when being walked, but this has now been stopped as the vet said one of them has joint problems (I don’t know any more details on this). One of them also wines a lot when not being given attention, particularly in the evening and generally seems quite depressed. She also doesn’t play/show interest in toys. I was wondering if there was any advice I could pass on to the owner regarding the best way to lower their weight or to prevent boredom to stop the whining. I thought of a treat dispenser but seeing as they are overweight this may not be the best option.

Our Advice: What treats do they have. Some of the dogs treats are very high in calories. Most of the vets provide free nurse weight clinic and it is usually free of charge. If you take the dogs the nurse will check them and establish their body condition score and work out how much food you should feed them as long as you take the label of the dog food on your appointment. After that she will possibly advise you to bring the dogs forĀ  re examination in 2 weeks and check if they are loosing weight. If they are not the nurse will recommend special weight loss diet (usually Metabolic hills).