Weight loss in senior cats

From Dawn with cat Regan
Breed: Mixed

Pet Symptoms:

My cat had a bad reaction to fleas which made him pull all his fur out, he would not stop licking and scratching him self which made him very very sore, I have also notice that he has lost loads of weight. he eats well and is always hungry and looking for food, he will eat anything at the moment licking from the frying pan and off plates if he gets the chance. his sores are healing up and his fur is growing slowly and he seems more happier in his self. don’t really want to take him back to the vet for them just to say he’s got fleas.


Visited the vet once he gave him a injections, always use frontline every four weeks as it says, also i am feeding him 3 meals a day at the moment to try and fed him up, not really helping. can male cats get thyroid problems.

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. If Regan is losing weight I would recommend you make an appointment for him to see you local vet. Certainly male cats can suffer from an overactive thyroid, although there can be several other causes of weight loss in older cats – for example due to kidney problems. Your vet may consider checking urine and blood samples to determine the underlying cause of Regan’s weight loss.