Weight Loss and other Health Issues

Animal: Dog
Breed: Mixed

Pet Symptoms: My mum lives in Tanzania and does not have access to a good vet. I hope you can help. She has a very mixed breed dog that has had a number of health issues. The first time was severe wieght loss the first time she had pups (she was quite young at the time). SInce then her weight has gone up and down quite a lot. At the moment she is very thin, but has swollen back legs, a lot of gunk in her eyes and can’t eat hard dry food (she will try but spits it back out with foamy saliva) she can eat it fine once it has been softened a bit and is ok on a wet diet. A local ‘vet’ thinks there may be an underlying kidney problem but is otherwise stumped. Can anyone shed some light?

Our Advice: Sometime animals with kidney or heart failure can have swelling of the back legs. Kidney failure can be ruled out with blood test and urine sample. If there is heart murmur heart scan and xray of the heart will be diagnostic. If Panda have problems eating hard food she probably have sore tooth. I would advise you to ask your vet if they can check her mouth xray her heart and do a blood sample and urine sample to check her kidneys. Swelling of the back legs can be a sign for metastasis from a tumour on the mammary gland in the ileac lymph nodes ( check her mammary glands for any lumps)