Weight loss and excessive drinking

From: Katie with cat Grace
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Pet Symptoms:
My 18 month old female cat seems to have lost a fair bit of weigh, its morenoticeable around her back legs. She has touched her meat at all today and has only had a few treats (I gave her these as she never can resist) she’s barely drinking but however she keeps leaving the room and standing by her water bowl. I’ve not noticed if she’s used the litter box as I have 2 other cats. She is extremely light when we pick her up, in fact my 8 month old kitten is heavier. Her behavior hasn’t seemed to change much except from sleeping more, shes always been a quiet cat who likes her own company, likes to be stroked on her terms, however she’s been accepting more strokes and belly rubs today. Its New years day and the only place I can take her is the Animal Hospital, do you think she will be ok to wait until our vets is open? Please give me some advice , Im extremely worried about her :(

Further Details on your Pets symptoms:

No Appetite
Not Drinking
Sleeping More
Weight Loss
Strange Behaviour

Different Foods
Changing Water more

Our Advice:
Weight loss and excessive drinking can be a serious concern. This could be diabetes or if the cat goes out antifreeze poisoning. I would advise you to contact the vets as soon as possible.