Vomiting, Diarrhea and Loss of Appetite

Animal: Dog
Breed: Schnoodle

Pet Symptoms: My 8 month old schnoodle has recently become ill, it has had vomiting, a little diarrhea and loss of appetite, tonight it will have been 24 hours since the symptoms started. First he was eating grass and now he just won’t eat anything. He has a habit of getting into things that he shouldn’t. My question would be when do I need to go to a vet? And how do I tell the difference between obstruction and just something bad that he ate that had caused a little stomach flu?

Our Advice: If it ha been over 24 hours Bentley will need a vet. If the vet think it might be obstruction he will take an xray and do ultrasound scan on the abdomen. They will do blood test to check if Bentley does not have pancreatitis.