Animal: Dog
Breed: Bedlington Whippet

Pet Symptoms: Hi, My dog keeps being sick, specifically after eating a lot of grass or drnking a lot of water. We have tried changing foods numerous times but this keeps happening is there anything we can do to prevent him from being sick or is there an underlying reason he would be doing this. The thing is after being sick he will ask for more food and sometimes eat his vomit. His temperment and attitude are exactly the same, there is no change in anything not ever his eating just the being sick.

Sick at different times of day not specific to times. Grass in sick sometimes. Sick after eating grass or drinking lots of water. Is still eating and acting fine. There is no other symptoms to signify illness.

Our Advice: Vomiting is a non-specific sign of many different problems so I would advise taking him to a vet for a thorough clinical exam.  If there is nothing obvious they would likely discuss running some blood tests or maybe imaging to try to diagnose the problem.  You appear to have already tried different foods and feeding regimes so I think seeing a vet would be the next step.