Possible Vaccine Reaction

From: Helen with dog Coco

Pet Symptoms:

On 23 Oct I send my dog for a routine check and was injected with Leptospira Canicola-lcterohaemorrhagiae Bacteria and Canine Distemper-Adenovirus (type2-Parainflenza-Parvovirus vaccine. after this she does eat much and this evening she seem weak and can hardly walk with weak leg. I feed her some milk thru a syringe. It is 7pm now and there are no vet open. What can I do?

Our Advice:

Thank you for contacting Wellpets

Unfortunately without examination of the animal I can’t tell if this is vaccine reaction or if there is another problem. Sometime if the animal have underline problem it can be triggered from stress (vaccination) . I would advise you to contact your vets for an appointment. If your vet is closed there should be emergency out of hours vets in your area.