Urinating On Furniture

From: Gemma with Codie
Breed: Bengal

Pet Symptoms:

Hi. We have a 4 year old Bengal cat called Codie who we’ve had since she was a kitten. She goes through phases of urinating on our furniture and clothes and I want to find out why this is. She particularly does it on the sofa and any clothes on the floor. I’ve taken her to the vet in the past and they suggested that it could be that something has changed in her environment, however nothing has changed…. no furniture has been moved, we are in and out of the home the same amount of time. I regularly clean her litter tray. We don’t understand why she is doing it… Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


We regularly clean her litter tray. The vet gave us some natural tablets that are meant to calm her but they made her sick so we stopped giving them to her. We have also tried a feliway plug-in that is meant to keep her calm and relaxed, and therefore reduce the risk of her urinating on the furniture. We don’t know what else we can do.

Our Advice:

Sometimes cats do that if they are stressed from something. Clean the places where she is been urinating with white vinegar to cover the smell. You can try Zylkene capsules 75 mg once per day for a month. No prescription required for either products.