Unsettled During Nighttime

Animal: Dog
Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Pet Symptoms: For a couple of weeks now she is very unsettled during night. Since she was a puppy she has been sleeping in the kitchen, a year ago i moved to the bedroom downstairs and so i live the kitchen door open so she can sleep wherever she wants. For the past year shes been sleeping right next to my bed never causing any trouble however lately during night time she often runs upstairs which she is not allowed to do and she never used to do before. Also she jumps on the bed and literally sits on my head. She tries layong down for a couple minutes but after a while she starts walking in circles . It seems as if shes really unsettled during the night. Everythings absolutely fine during the day she sleeps during the day in the kitchen and acts normally.

Our Advice: This could be a mild form of vestibular disease. I would advise you to contact your vet for appointment.