Uncontrollable urination

From L. Clements with dog Kara
Breed: German shepherd

Pet Symptoms:

She will be 1 at the end of month, she has just had her first season and her vulva hasn’t returned to normal size. She was very quiet and seemed to be peeing a lot. She has been to the vets and her bladder was slightly ‘hardened’ so possible urine infection. She has been on antibiotics for 2 days.
When we got her (3months ago) if she got over excited she would drip a tiny amount of wee, like a speck on the floor, and this has got worse over the last few days/week. I came in to the house and as soon as she saw me she did a proper wee on the floor, this happened three times within half and hour, and again this afternoon etc. I don’t think she knows she is doing it, as when we went into the garden she squatted and actually did a wee, could this be because of her urine infection and to just let the antibiotics take effect, or do you think there may be something else going on, and we need to get her back to the vets?

(She is normally house trained)


On antibiotics for suspected urine infection. With regards to the assumingly uncontrolled peeing in the house, nothing but clear it up.

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. Urine infections can certainly cause an increase the frequency of urination, which can result in accidents in the house. If this is still the case following several days of antibiotic treatment it would be worth discussing this with your vet. They may want to check a urine sample from Kara in the first instance.