Ulcers, dental disease or trauma on soft tissues

Animal: Cat
Breed: Mixed

Pet Symptoms: My cat is being funny with his food this evening. He asks for it, but turns his nose up. He did some treats from my hand and then ate a mouthful of his wet food. An hour later I tried some dry food from my hand which he ate. I put a little more in a bowl and he ate a couple of mouthfuls but then walked away. Since then he has shown no interest in the fresh food I put down for him. Normally he has several small meals a day and wolfs them down. He is behaving normally, ate this morning with no problem, has peed today and had a normal bowed movement. He hasn’t strained in his tray or anything and hasn’t vomited. Why could he be off his food? I should mention that about 6 weeks ago he had a blocked bladder and then caught a virus which stopped him eating for several days. He was sorted at the vets and has been fine since. I have since been adding water to all his meals which he hasn’t seemed to mind and has always drunk the water. The viral infection he had was gastro intestinal. He is an indoor cat so I have no idea where it came from. I can only assume he got it when he was at the vet overnight for his blocked bladder.

Our Advice: Cats can go off their food for many reasons. Ulcers in the mouth, dental disease or trauma to the soft tissues or teeth are relatively common and can be seen if he will let you look, otherwise taking him to your vet for them to examine his mouth and assess if there are any visible problems there. Otherwise illness can make them lose their appetite, and if nothing is obvious on a clinical exam (temperature, abdominal discomfort, constipation etc) then a blood test may help to show if there is anything occurring that is making him not feel like eating.

I would recommend you take him to see your vet if he is off food and you can’t see anything obvious at home, hopefully they can pinpoint the problem and get him back to his normal self.