Travel Sickness

From: Melanie with dog Chiko
Breed: Mongrel

Pet Symptoms:

I am looking to bring my dog back from Indonesia to London and want to know what medication is needed to minimise her travel sickness? She is a very poor traveller, even a short car journey to the vet is bad as she vomits all the way in the car and gets very dehydrated. Normally we don’t feed her before the journey but she retches and foams during the journey.

Seeing as she is this bad for a 1.5 hour ride to the vet, would she survive a journey like:

2 hours car trip to airport

2 hours flight check in at cargo

9 hours flight

1.50 hours stopover

9 hours connecting fight

2 hours formality clearance arrivals

1 hour car journey

Total = 22 – 24 hours including car journeys

Our Advice:

Cerenia tablets for dogs are very good for travel sickness.