Termination of Mating

Animal: Dog
Breed: German Shepherd

Pet Symptoms: My parents have rescued a GSD bitch, when she was on heat in May she mated with another dog, the vet gave her 2 injections of Alizone. She was due to be spayed inSeptember which should have been in between seasons. She came into season early while my parents we’re away on holiday and the dog managed to get away from the lady looking after her and mated again with a dog. They don’t know what to do as they are worried about giving her any more Alizine and also worried about spaying her in heat. They live in Spain and due to the amount of abandoned dogs we don’t really want to add to the problem.

Our Advice: There’s no easy solution I’m afraid. If you want to terminate the mating, then the only option really available is the alizin treatment again. It would then be essential to contain her following in order to prevent this happening again which is unfortunately just one of those accidents that can happen.

Timing of return to heat can vary following injection so normally we would try to spay 3-4 months following treatment or a season.

In truth, dogs can be spayed while in heat, the risk of bleeding or complications is slightly higher. Most vets (including myself) prefer to avoid this if possible. In your situation though, it may be prudent to discuss with your vet and see if they would be happy to do surgery a little sooner following injection.