Swollen Tail

Animal: Dog
Breed: Bullmastiff

Pet Symptoms: My bullmastiff as a swollen tail top end near is bum and in alot of pain i cant get him in the car to the vets he just crys really loud in pain can u help me please.

Our Advice: Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do at home. This is probably abscess or inflame tumour. If it is abscess Wonky will need antibiotics and pain killers and the abscess might need to be lanced. If it is a tumour it will need to be removed. Some vets do house visits but if he need a procedure under sedation or anaesthetic he will need to be transported to the surgery. Maybe they can come for a house visit and if he need sedation they can give him something to calm him down and transport him to the surgery. Human pain killers are usually toxic for dogs.