Swollen Lymph

Animal: Dog
Breed: Dalmatian

Pet Symptoms: My 14 year old dalmatian has bad arthritis and in the past few days has become quite poorly – she has been to the vets who have prescribed oral inflacam (1.5 mg) – she also has quite a swollen lymph node (mandibular) and swollen front leg – however she seems to be suffering with muscle spasms centered around her shoulders – she is not wimpering or crying and despite a general lethargy and lack of mobility – has no loss of appetite – I’m not sure if she is in pain or whether I should increase her intake of medication (the vet suggested one dose a day but this was before the spasms) any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Our Advice: If the lymph node is swollen and if the leg is swollen as well there might be another underline problem. I would advise you to contact your vets again. They can run a blood test to check if there is infection maybe even lymphoma screen. Animals with swollen lymph nodes and lethargy sometime have lymphoma. I would not advise you to exceed the recommended dose of the Inflacam.