Swollen and Hard Tummy

Animal: Cat
Breed: Not indicated

Pet Symptoms: One of my kittens , which I estimate to be 5-7 days old , refuses to eat and has a swallen abdomen. I found them 3 days ago in good condition. I have been fedding them with Wean UM formula and stimulate their bowel movements as I was supposed to, but one of them has a really swallen and “hard” tammy for a day and a half now, refuses to eat although it was the one with the “strongest” apetite and besides my efforts it has defocated just a tiny bit. Please note that I live in a place where no vetenerian or pharmacy is available (at least for the next 2 days because of a national holiday) so I will need an advise that includes households materials. Please answer as soon as possible I’m very worried that he won’t make it in the next few days.

-swallen abdomen -refuses to eat -shows furstration when trying to stimulate bowels

Our Advice: Unfortunately the advice on treatment we can give is limited without a clinical exam and this is a situation where I would try as best possible to get the kitten to see a vet.  I would expect this to be an inherited or congenital condition.  You could try giving lactulose to help soften stool and allow better transit of faeces if this is constipation, but if there is a surgical problem or obstruction then this is not appropriate – hence the difficulty in advising what to give without pharmacy or veterinary access.

In the short term – keeping the kitten in a warm and comfortable environment, providing adequate fluids, water if needed and monitoring hydration until you are able to get veterinary assistance would be the minimum supportive care. To check hydration – pinch the skin softly between your thumb and forefinger and let go.  It should spring straight back to being flat again.  If it is slow to reduce then the kitten is dehydrated.

I hope things work out ok, but would think the prognosis at that age is not good – although it depends what is wrong.