Stress or in Season

Animal: Cat
Breed: calico/tabby

Pet Symptoms: I got Roxie from someone who was giving her away. When we got her, her personality completely changed within a few days. She was calm before and now every time we go to bed she meows very loud, jumps on our end tables, on the window and last night she peed on the bed and then again on a blanket. once night time hits, she sleeps for 2 hours and then wakes up and meows like crazy and jumps on things. im not sure if maybe she is in heat? or thats her personality, or what the problem is.

Our Advice: This is either stress or if she is entire she is in season. If she is entire I would advise you to make an appointment at your vets and they will spay her. If she is not you can try Zylkene capsules 75 mg once per day for few weeks and Feliway diffuser. If she is in season the only thing that will help is if you spay her.