Strange Cat

Animal: Cat
Breed: Unknown

Pet Symptoms: I have a strange cat case. We found a stray cat walking in circles in our front yard. He won’t eat and rarely opens his eyes. When he does open his eyes, I don’t think he can see, his eyes are very black–his pupils look dilated. His body is stiff and he rarely moves except when he’s walking in circles. He mostly sits still in any position you put him in, but once in a while gets up to walk in circles again–always to the left. At first he didn’t make any sounds either. Now he cries for hours at a time, but doesn’t respond to sound or touch.

Our Advice: It sound like this cat have damaged brain probably because of a borna virus car accident or tumour in the brain if the cat is old. The kindless thing will be euthanasia. I would advise you to contact the local vets in your area. If you tell them the cat is stray thye should not ask you to pay anythyng. They will scan the cat to check if there is microchip and if there is not they will put the cat to sleep.