Stage 3 of FIV

Animal: Cat
Breed: Domestic shorthair

Pet Symptoms:
A cat I work with at a volunteer shelter, Gray (domestic shorthair), is in stage 3 of FIV.
I can’t find any useful protocols out there on the web. any truly positive experiences with Interferon? or Imulen? AZT?

A lot of what I find is over my head when it comes to these drugs. my vet says there isn’t any proven evidence that they are worth the expense.

His Stomatitis seems to be much better but now his sinuses are so swollen he cant breathe and he is hardly eating. Nothing is working. He needs nasal relief first and foremost.

Our Advice:
There is no evidence that those drugs are working at all. I usually treat FIV cats with antibiotics and anti inflammatory when they have infections and keep them indoors.