Squalous Cell Carinoma

Animal: Cat

Pet Symptoms: My 14 yr old moggy was diagnosed with squalous cell carinoma-lump under lower right jaw- about 5 weeks ago. Told little we can do but ensure quality of life. Although he sleeps all the time and hardly does much, when hes on my knee or around or talked to he purrs and loves it. He’s on 3m metacam daily but is really not eating. He’s fine generally but just not eating?? Is there anything i can do and at what point is his quality of life such that id have to take him to the vets to be put to sleep? Hes not showing signs of pain just lerhargic and now hardly eating. Thanks

Our Advice: SCC is an unfortunate diagnosis as they are quite nasty tumors. Quality of life is always dependant on every aspect of a patient’s life – so appetite does play a part and if he is hardly eating it may be time to make a decision on letting him go. However, there are medications that can help to stimulate appetite and this may well be worth discussing with your vet to see if they can help. Also there are foods and pastes with high density nutrition that may help him to eat and get more out of what he eats – eg: Hills AD or Nutriplus gel from Virbac).

I don’t think we could ever advise via email about when to put an animal to sleep, it’s always a very personal and difficult decision and one best made directly with you and your vet in person.