Soft Diet after Mandibulectomy

Animal: Dog
Breed: Boxer

Pet Symptoms: My dog has always been a fussy eater but after having a mandibulectomy three months ago she only wishes to eat soft food. the problem is she still cant manage to feed herself as she is just licking the food which then just gets stuck to the bottom of the bowl. Is there anything you could advise as she only wants soft food.

Gives up trying to eat if she struggles and would rather not eat. can eat chicken and rice but I am aware this is not have all the nutrition she needs.

Our Advice: I am very sorry that Billie had to loose part of her jaw. It is ok for her to eat soft food only as long as it is complete diet. She would not be able to eat biscuits. Try Applaws diet it is natural diet and have 75% animal protein. They have soft food and it is complete food so Billie will not need anything else. Take her to your vet for examination just in case to check if she does not have inflame jaw or infection.