Sneezing fits with a runny nose

Animal: Cat
Breed: Short-haired

Pet Symptoms: Hi, for three days my cat has been having bouts of sneezing fits with a runny nose, not going outdoors as much and as of today he seems to have lost his meow and is following me around the house. Its been a harsh few months for my cat but I feel I should add: *He was treated for laryngitis just over three months ago. (Given penicillin) *He was treated for an abscess just over two months ago. (Given penicillin & loxicom) *Five weeks ago he was sedated to have a wound to the upper side of his body stitched, the sticthes came out a week ago.(Given penicillin & loxicom before and after) *The day before his symptoms started/ were noticed I had collected him from a two week stay at the cattery.

Our Advice: It sounds as though he has symptoms of an upper respiratory problem, most commonly in cats this would be due to a virus or “flu”. There are vaccinations for helping to prevent this, however they can still contract viruses despite vaccination. Vaccinated cats will usually have a shorter duration of illness and milder symptoms though.

There are other potential problems that may cause sneezing and nasal discharge though, and if untreated and getting worse these symptoms could lead to lower respiratory infection, bronchitis, pneumonia etc – which can be more serious and more difficult to treat. I would suggest it would be best that you see your vet, get him checked over and his temperature checked so that he can be treated accordingly. Sometimes we may have to sedate or anaesthetise these patients in order to examine their throat and sometimes nasal passages – although equipment for this is often only found at specialists as a tiny fibre optic camera is require to fit inside a cat’s nose – to see if there is any other problem blocking his nose or causing infection/inflammation. It’s not unheard of for cats to get foreign material stuck in their nose/throat – grass blades can get lodged sometimes.

They should be able to assess and treat Pepper accordingly and hopefully get him feeling back to normal again.