Skin problems on dogs

Animal: Dog
Breed: French bulldog

Pet Symptoms: I own an 8 year old french bulldog and yesterday I took him for a blood test as he’s been having some skin problems. They gave me the results back but I don’t understand them as I’m in China and my Chinese isn’t good enough. I hope you could look at the results for me and see what the problems are (I have attached them to this email). Just to let you know my dog has heart failure (enlarged heart) and currently takes Vetmedin and Prilium for this.

Our Advice: The changes in this blood test are unremarkable. There is slight elevation of ALT (this is a liver enzyme that can be elevated if there is liver damage, enlarged heart, if the animal is been treated with steroids. It can be raised with hyperadrenocorticism.) There is low amylase (this can happen is the animal has not eaten for a while) Elevated Lypase can be related with gastrointestinal upset or pancreatitis. All this changes are very mild and they can be significant or not depending on the clinical signs. Are there only skin symptoms or there is something else. For example is the animal eating and drinking excessively recently. Does he urinate a lot? Any vomiting diarrhoea or any other symptoms? I might be able to link the blood results if you can give me more information about the clinical picture.