Skin and food allergies

Animal: Cat
Breed: Feral

Pet Symptoms: Skin and food allergies but greatly improved now. Problem is front right leg. Straight and stiff out in front of him especially when getting up from sleeping. Can’t bend it often. Improves once moving but maybe still painful. Has not jumped or climbed for years. X-ray only revealed poor bone density. Vets can’t feel any swelling. Started Metacam 2 weeks ago and was much chirpier but now crying out when he gets up. Maybe he should be kept inside for a period as initially Metacam may have made him do too much? However he only walked down the garden. I’m afraid it could be progressive as he’s been very inactive for years and does hardly anything except rest. Much more his old affectionate, chirpy self when he started the Metacam and he’s still a bit better but I hate him crying out in pain. At wits end as he’s been to the vet a lot but it’s not easy for them to get anywhere with it.

Our Advice: It is possible that Indy was feeling better after the Metacam and started moving too much. It might be a case of resting him for few weeks and keeping him indoors. If this does not help I would advise referral for CT or MRI scan. Some changes are not always visible on plane x-ray.