Signs of discomfort in dogs

Animal: Dog
Breed: Staffordshire Bull terrier

Pet Symptoms: I want to know why my dog used to jump and run every where and run up stairs now he doesn’t after he turned 8 on 7 dec this year.

Our Advice: Changes in behaviour in older dogs could be due to almost anything from lack of energy to arthritis to illnesses or just getting older and not behaving like a puppy anymore.

Ideally I would advise seeing your vet so they can examine Ceaser thoroughly and check for any signs of illness or discomfort that may be causing these changes and treat anything present that needs to be treated. They will likely check his heart and circulation, teeth and oral health, joints and limbs as well as a general exam to make sure there are no obvious problems. If everything is physically ok, you could have blood tests done to check his liver and kidneys and other internal organs, electrolytes and blood system to see if anything else is underlying.