Ruptured Cornea

Animal: Cat
Breed: Tabby

Pet Symptoms: I rescued a stray cat that had a ruptured cornea. 48 hours after enucleation, the site started streaming blood and sanguinous liquid (by streaming, I mean rapidly dripping). The vet said it would slow down and that it would only be worrisome ‘after 14 days, at which point the sutures would be removed anyway’. Well, it’s been 11 days. It’s not streaming, but it still drains small amounts of sanguinous and serous liquid. He also has large amounts of dried blood caked around his sutures that we have been trying to remove with warm compresses and whatnot, but we can only remove small clumps at a time. I am trying the best I can for him. His other eye has some discharge as well. On the bright side, as long as we have seen the cat around he has been morose and lethargic.

Our Advice: I would think that long after surgery if there is still a consistent discharge from the site he should be examined again. I would take him back to the surgery he was operated on at and hopefully they can advise further. If you don’t feel they are helping, you could always look elsewhere for a second opinion. Hopefully it’s something that can be managed without further surgery, but there could be a possibility of needing subsequent surgery if there is a bleeding/leaky vessel under the skin – it’s hard to say so without actually seeing him though.