Recurring ear infection

From Liz with dog Paco
Breed: Rottweiler

Pet Symptoms:

Recurring ear infection


I have already been to the vets twice with this and the first time they gave me an ear cleaner, which did not do anything. Second time I went they gave me antibiotics which cleared it up and I cleaned his ears out everyday as well. But now it is back. I have tried to manage it at home, as I don’t want my dog constantly on antibiotics. I have used various ear cleaners (not altogether) and also an American ear solution called Zymox which contains hydro cortisone that you can’t get here. This really helps and has been the best so far. But once I stop using it, the infection comes back. The vet did a swab on him and found the it was a bacterial infection. I am now at the end of my tether, as Paco hates going to the vets and I hate taking him, as we both get really stressed out going there. I want to be able to just get the medication he needs by phoning the vet up and going in by myself to get it, but they always wants him to come in, which is a nightmare and I prefer my partner to come with me, but he is always working long hours and the vets are closed by the time he finishes work. Any advice would be grateful. Thanks

Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. Ear infections in dogs can be extremely challenging to treat. I can understand that it is frustrating for you to go to the vets, but it is illegal for a vet to prescribe prescription-only medication such as antibiotics and ear drops without seeing your pet. Your vet will also want to check whether it’s safe for Paco to have certain treatments – for example if the ear infection causes his ear drum to rupture but we don’t check and put drops down anyway they can cause permanent loss of hearing and problems with balance. It’s possible that Paco may have an underlying skin allergy. Although often skin allergies cause itchiness elsewhere they can sometimes involve just the ears, causing repeated ear infections. Without examining Paco I can’t say whether this is the case, but your vet may be considering doing allergy testing if his ear doesn’t get better.