Recurrent infection and lack of appetite

Animal: Cat
Breed: Domestic longhair

Pet Symptoms: Recurrent infection – lack of appetite, temperature, quieter than usual.

Our Advice: Persistent high fever with no obvious cause can be a difficult problem to try to get a definitive diagnosis for. If it recurs and he has been off medications for a few weeks I would suggest considering blood and urine cultures to look for infectious causes – these can be expensive though. Another option may be to consider referral to an internal medicine specialist for a workup (also this can be expensive, but the initial exam and consultation may help to plan a direction for working up the case to try and get a diagnosis for Lincoln).

There can be many causes of fever, from stress and infections (bacterial and viral) to other illnesses that may affect the body’s temperature regulation.

At the very lest getting him seen to check his temperature a few times may help to clarify if he has a persistent fever or not.