Will Raw Meat Harm My Cats?

Animal: Cat
Breed: Arabian mau and persion

Pet Symptoms: I just gave my cats raw meat that was frozen and De-frozed 3 or 4 times ,, and i didn’t know about it.. I am mostly more concer of the persion cat because the arabian mau are heltheir and because she feeds her lil kitties will this harm my cats ? how long should i wait to see the poising symptoms if this will poison them or cose bacteria ? what shall i do now ?

Our Advice: I do not think there will be any problem. Main risks are salmonella campylobacter and tape worms if the meat was raw. I would advise you to observe for vomiting or diarrhoea for the next 48 hours and give your cat drontal or milbemax for tape worm.