Rapid breathing and weight loss

From Berni with cat Laya
Breed: Domestic tabby

Pet Symptoms:

Rapid breathing, weight loss.


Keeping her cool.

Our Advice:

Thanks for your email. Similar to OB, Laya’s symptoms could be due to a number of conditions. When it comes to weight loss in older cat, the most common causes are renal failure, an overactive thyroid, liver disease and tumors. Rapid breathing can be a sign of pain, or it can also be a sign of heart and lung disease. For example, cats with an over active thyroid also have heart disease too. I suggest you make an appointment to take Laya to your local vet to be checked over. Depending upon the cause, rapid breathing can acutely deteriorate such that the cat is unable to breathe, so I think it’s important to get her checked over sooner rather than later.