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No I wanted to ask if I was right? Because it’s very hard to clarify using the Internet…

So, for a human to get rabies, the dog NEEDS to have rabies. But, if the dog is not vaccinated and it doesn’t have rabies, you can’t have rabies from its bite. Is that right??

Or, can you still get rabies if it is unvaccinated and it’s not bitten by an animal with rabies?


Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. If you are in the UK the UK is currently rabies-free, so rabies is not found in dogs in this country (although viruses similar to rabies are found in some UK bats). In order to contract rabies from a dog bite the dog has to have rabies in the first place in order to pass it on. If a lump forms following a bite from a dog it is worth going to see your doctor as dog bites can become infected with the bacterial that live a dog’s mouth.