Protection Against Rabies

From: Jennifer
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Pet Symptoms:

Hello, I worry about my fiancé in the USA that is a vet technician getting bitten by cats and other animals if they have rabies. If a cat or other animal has rabies and there not showing symptoms yet because they not long got rabies are they contagious before any symptoms appear? and when they do get symptoms how long until they do?. Don’t suppose you might know how long a human will get symptoms too? I cant get info anywhere 🙁

Our Advice:

The incubation period for animals is usually 21 days but it can be up to six months or longer.  Vaccination cannot protect an animal that has already been exposed to a disease – it can only protect against future exposure. If your fiancé is working in a high risk area Immunisation with the rabies vaccine can prevent disease.  Booster shots may be needed by people who have on-going contact with animals in a high risk area. A blood test every two years should be done to check whether a booster shot is needed.