Plaque and Bad Breath

Animal: Cat
Breed: Mongrel

Pet Symptoms: I have a 15 year old cat who had a partial thyroidectomy last September. He also had his teeth descaled and one removed in October. He now has quiet a lot of plaque and bad breath. Can I use Plaque Off?

Our Advice: Yes you can use plaque off. It is not one of the best dental products. Ideally if Monkey will stay still you can try to brush her teeth daily with a cat toot brush and cat tooth paste. You can use Hills t/d dental biscuits as well. They have special formula to clean the tartar. If Monkey is loosing weight again I would advise you to take her to your vet for appointment. They will check her over and will do a blood test to check her liver kidneys and thyroid hormones. Sometimes it is necessary for the other part of the thyroid gland to be removed if there is indication for that.