Pain in Back Left Leg

Animal: Dog
Breed: Lab mix (possibly with a beagle or fox hound)

Pet Symptoms: I am concerned about my dogs back left leg. Just recently he randomly will start crying in pain (so loud) and lift his back left leg up and then lay down on his side. Its exactly how he acts when something get stuck in his paw. It happens about once a day but sometimes up to 3 times. I have checked his paw completely and know there is nothing in it. I also looked at his nails thinking one might be cracked but its not. Once I rub his leg/paw for a minute he usually limps around for a little and then is right back to his normal self. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Our Advice: The problem might be in the hock the stifle the hip or in the spine. Unfortunately it is impossible to establish where is the pain coming from without examination of Parker. I would advise you to take him to your local vets. They will try to establish where is the pain coming from and if it is just a soft tissue injury they will prescribe him pain killers and rest. If necessary they will advise sedation and xrays. I would not advise you to use human pain killers they are usually toxic for dogs.