Pain in the back legs and lower back

From Hannah with cat Squeak
Breed: Ferral

Pet Symptoms:

She’s walking very slowly all of a sudden, every step she is taking, she is stretching out her back legs. She also looks like she is in pain when I try to touch the back of her legs up by her back near her tail.



Our Advice:

Thank you for your email. It’s sounds like Squeak is showing signs of being in pain. I would suggest that you make an appointment with your local vet to have Squeak checked over as soon as possible. Possible causes could be a bite from another cat, or something more serious such as being hit by a car. If your vet is suspicious of a major injury such as a car accident they will also be concerned about other injuries – for example injuries to the chest resulting in breathing problems are common with major trauma, and may not be apparent until 48 hours after the accident.