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  • Diabetes and Weight Loss

    Animal: Dog Breed: Bullmastiff Pet Symptoms: I have a bullmastiff who has diabetes, over the last year she has suffered with rapid weight loss. Her diabetes is under control and she was spade 3 weeks ago. She is no longer … Continue reading

  • Is the Long Travel Safe for the Dog?

    Animal: Dog Breed: Cairn terrier Pet Symptoms: I want to adopt a 13 year old male, unneutered cairn terrier. However, he must travel, one time only, from los angeles to italy. is the trip safe for him? He is healthy. … Continue reading

  • Dog Ate Dark Chocolate

    Animal: Dog Breed: Shi-poo Pet Symptoms: my 20 llb shi poo ate 200g of 72% dark chococlate what should i do? Our Advice: We are not emergency service. Emails are answered up to 72 hours. If you have not yet … Continue reading

  • Cats Not Getting Along With Each Other

    Animal: Cat Breed: Eqyptian Mau Pet Symptoms: We have a two year old Egyptian Mau female cat called Ola, which we have had since she was 13 weeks old, we ave just got another Egytpian Mau female cat called Treacle … Continue reading

  • Uveitis

    Animal: Cat Breed: Mix breed calico Pet Symptoms: I have a 21 year old mix breed calico cat, her name is Daisy. Saturday notice her left eye was half closed and pupil half the size of the right one. Today, … Continue reading

  • Best Way to Lower Weight or to Prevent Boredom to Stop the Whining

    Animal: Dog Breed: Border Collie Pet Symptoms: Hi, I’m 20 and hoping to study veterinary medicine after completing my bioveterinary science degree. I currently dog sit for two border collies whilst their owner is on holiday. There owner is a … Continue reading

  • Accidentaly gave my 10 week puppy 2 Albon pills

    Animal: Dog Breed: Black Elkhound/Black Lab Pet Symptoms:  I accidentaly gave my 10 week puppy 2 Albon pills to treat her worms. And It’s only given once a day. I am really worried. Our Advice: If there is vomiting diarrhoea … Continue reading

  • Doesn’t Want any Stroking or Cuddles

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not indicated Pet Symptoms:  Hi there, have a question about my kitten.. She is 4 months now, we have her since she was 8 weeks.. The problem is she is scared for example when I walk towards … Continue reading

  • Loading dose the prescribed dosage?

    Animal: Cat Breed: Not Specified Pet Symptoms: My cat is on metacam. We ran out on Friday so she hasnt had a dose since thursday morning. When initially prescribed we were told to administer a 1 time loading dose of … Continue reading

  • Soft Diet after Mandibulectomy

    Animal: Dog Breed: Boxer Pet Symptoms: My dog has always been a fussy eater but after having a mandibulectomy three months ago she only wishes to eat soft food. the problem is she still cant manage to feed herself as … Continue reading

  • Diarreah

    Animal: Dog Breed: mum is a lahsa apso cross yorkie dad was a full lasa Pet Symptoms: My dog had a stomach problem back in january which made him dehydrated, ive forgot the name of it but it could have … Continue reading

  • Sick, Very Hot and Restless

    Animal: Dog Breed: Labrador Pet Symptoms: My dog had a poo In my car today, was hard to tell if it was poo or sick, other than the smell. He drank a lot about 2 litres in one. And he … Continue reading

  • Fighting with his Dad

    Animal: Dog Breed: cross breed staffordshire / labrador Pet Symptoms: He has suddening started fighting with his dad really bad how can i stop them. Our Advice: This is fight for domination and some time it is impossible to stop … Continue reading

  • Scrating a Lot

    Animal: Dog Breed: Great Dane cross Pet Symptoms: Good day, I have a puppy of 12 weeks old and because he’s scratching himself a lot the vet told me to wash him every 2 days with a conditioner for itchy … Continue reading

  • Bloated

    Animal: Dog Breed: Puppy Pet Symptoms: he is being bloated from 5 days he is suffering crying loud and he is so weak can hardly walk he goes to corners of the house stay there suffering.. he is dying and … Continue reading

  • Swollen/Boil around neck

    Animal: Dog Breed: Mutt Pet Symptoms: My dog suddenly has a swollen/boil on his neck(noticed three days ago) which is covered by his hair. It doesnot appear to molest him when pressed a little , soft to the touch and … Continue reading

  • Kitten Crying every 30 minutes to an hour

    Animal: Cat Breed: Unknown Pet Symptoms: Can I feed a newborn kitten evaporated milk mixed with water? Why is it crying every 30-60 mins? Kitten crying every half to one hour.. its driving me crazy, i have slept for 2 … Continue reading

  • Food Aggression

    Animal: Dog Breed: Border Collie Pet Symptoms: Our 1year old border collie has developed aggression around food, she has snapped at our 8 year old daughter. She has stopped eating , we have not changed her feeding times or introduced … Continue reading

  • Not Wanting to Eat and Drink. No Energy and Watery Bowel.

    Animal: Dog Breed: Austrailian Shepard Pet Symptoms: Not wanting to eat Not wanting to drink No energy Watery Bowel. Our Advice: This could be gastroenteritis foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract pancreatitis or parvovirosis. I would advise you to contact … Continue reading

  • Screeching Attacks

    Animal: Dog Breed: German Shepherd Pet Symptoms: My 8wk old puppy, while heading out the door this morning started screeching in pain as if she hurt her back leg. i checked her legs and she seamed fine and ran off … Continue reading